Why Bourne Jewelry?

Bourne Jewelry makes a statement for those who wear them, ranging from ‘stylish’ & ‘cool’ to ‘hip’ & ‘confident.’ 

Make a Statement

Bourne Jewelry pieces make a statement for those who wear them.  Whether it's the softly wrapped leather around the wrist or sunlight glancing off faceted gemstones, every piece is a balance between feminine power and organic elegance.  Elements such as gold or silver work in harmony with carefully selected gemstones and diamonds. Each piece is distinct. Cool, hip, confident, each piece accents who you are--or, who you can be..


All pieces are thoughtfully crafted at my private art studio in Houston, Texas. I cut and shape sheets of precious metals and gauges, according to my vision for the final creation.  The fundamental components are then forged, honed and textured to create the completed pieces. All leathers are woven and cut by hand. The gemstones are individually selected to enhance and add spirit to the final product. The process differs from that of other jewelers in that I creates every component of every piece by hand.

Custom pieces

Participate in the creative process by dreaming up a vision for a piece of unique jewelry you’d love to have, and let me fulfill your vision. Explore exquisite natural gemstones and buttery soft leathers and choose materials from a wide range of gold karats and sterling to fine silver. The possibilities are truly endless.

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