Why Bourne Jewelry?

Bourne Jewelry uses the finest Italian leather and gemstones to create jewelry that makes a statement for those who wear them. Whether it's turqoise leather jewelry or a moonstone bangle, Bourne Jewelry has something for everyone.

Make a Statement

Bourne Jewelry wants each and every piece of jewelry to feel unique. Since everything is handmade, each bangle, wrap bracelet, or necklace is completely customizable. Elements such as sterling silver beads or gold accents add another layer to the jewelry. We want everyone inside of Houston and out to have a unique piece of jewelry that truly expresses one’s personality.

Handmade Gemstones and Leather Jewelry

Bourne Jewelry seeks to be the most authentic jewelry design in Houston. Every gemstone and metal is hand cut and forged to ensure the highest possible quality. All aspects of the leather and gemstone jewelry pieces are done by hand. The leather is cut in the studio and the precious gemstones are individually shaped. Ensuring every piece of jewelry is handmade is an uncompromising part of the jewelry design process.

Custom & Unique Pieces

We want you to have the jewelry piece of your dreams, whatever that may be. Please do not hesitate to reach out to inquire about which gemstones or which color leather wraps you are interested in. We can even customize down to the gold karats and fine silver. The possibilities are truly endless!

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