The Creative Drive


The creative drive was born from a single Leisure Learning class in 2012. Immediately upon leaving, I felt a creative drive that could only be satisfied one way; by making what I had learned, and continue to learn, a major part of my life.


Shortly afterwards, I created Bourne Jewelry and Design, and the journey began.


I decided to move into a space at Silver Street Studios in the vibrant Houston Arts District. When designing my studio, I wanted every single person who entered to experience the feeling of zen & openness. I love letting my customers pick their own elements and pieces, allowing every person to walk away with something completely reflective of their personality.


I have complete autonomy over my entire creative process. All of my jewelry is hand made, not hand assembled.  I personally source all of my gems, metals, and leathers. I knew my style was going to be gemstone and leather focused, so I worked tirelessly mastering the techniques necessary to produce the pieces exactly how I envisioned.


Please browse the website and message me if you have any questions or inquiries. My email is lynda@bournejewelry.com, or alternatively you can message me directly on instagram @bournejewelry.


For special events, follow me on instagram for notices and updates!


I hugely appreciate your interest in my craft. If you would like to stop by my studio at Silver Street Studio 318, please send me an email and we will schedule a time!


Why do people buy my products? Because they see something they loved as a young person elevated through precious metals, diamonds, and leathers all combined in a unique fashion. It empowers and gives confidence to the wearer.


That is what I want Bourne Jewelry to be.



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